It is incredibly frustrating looking for work nowadays. It is becoming increasingly more difficult to find profitable employment that will "pay the bills". It is even more difficult to be taken seriously enough to be given an opportunity to showcase potential. I have the equivalent of an Associate's degree. However, that's not an Associate's degree, … Continue reading Frustrated

Dear Diary- AGAIN

Dearest Diary, I know it has been so long since we have commiserated together, pondering the vast stupidity that has gripped even the most would-be intelligent beings that surround us. However, I felt alone, and so I have arrived at our meeting place, grateful for your understanding embrace. Life would not be as complicated if … Continue reading Dear Diary- AGAIN

Fighting Back!!!

The longer I live in this world, the more I have started to despise the behavior of others. I am a people watcher, and I have been for a very long time. My thoughts and opinions are formed from observable behavior of the people I watch every day. I watch people as they hatefully "call … Continue reading Fighting Back!!!

Sleepless In Depressedville

It would be really great if people would understand how they affect each other. Better yet, if I could understand people...that would be awesome. I find that I am still struggling with trying to find that balance of understanding what makes others tick, and trying to keep their moods and attitudes from causing me to … Continue reading Sleepless In Depressedville

Horrible Bosses

I've seen the movie, and I laughed. I'm not laughing anymore. What do you do when you feel like your boss has a stranglehold on your life, your career, and every aspect of it, and you have no recourse of action?  Look, my boss isn't really a horrible person, she's just a horrible boss.  I … Continue reading Horrible Bosses

Immigrant Vs. Illegal

I'm so sick of hearing people call illegals "immigrants". They aren't immigrants. They are migrants, they are illegals, and people need to stop with the bleeding heart sympathy for these people. Don't misunderstand me, I have a heart. It's just not misplaced like so many people's hearts and heads are. We have become a "feeling" … Continue reading Immigrant Vs. Illegal

Don’t Make It Play A Sad Song

I walked in to this bar tonight, No, I ain't lookin' for a fight I just wanna hear music play, Something to wash my troubles away I've got a little bit of regret I'd just like to try to forget So bartender, let the tap run dry And turn the jukebox volume up high... But... … Continue reading Don’t Make It Play A Sad Song

Skeezy, Sleazy, and Waiting on Karma…

Recent turn of events has me doubting everything about humanity and the human race, yet again. It's always amazed me that the most dishonest people manage to somehow pin that dishonesty on others. To say the least, I am completely turned off by liars, cheats, and thieves. How is it that the honest people of … Continue reading Skeezy, Sleazy, and Waiting on Karma…